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  1. 50 downloads

    snake game penality kick and tower game addon
  2. For all new account of forum you should have https://boomcoding.com/store/chat/ account, for account approval you can contact me on store chat for account approval
  3. Version 1.0.0


    purple theme
  4. Give me your chat in private conversation please.
  5. I see no reason why one VIP can and another can't. If you have any modifications, please share what they are. And did you upload latest version?
  6. Admin panel => Addons => Gifts => Settings => Select rank who can send a gift.
  7. HI, room level have nothing to do with system level.
  8. So there is a slight bug in the code and I sent him the topic to review..
  9. Do you have same problem in chatcuba ?
  10. We have been doing this chat for several years without fraudsters and people trying to cheat. No, by default this chat has NO vulnerabilities. The problem is with most people, as they allow themselves the vulnerabilities, share access to their files and buy modifications, not even knowing how they work and whether they are vulnerable. One thing is beautiful on the outside, but not nice on the inside - the motto of codychat. When a person has a valid license, then in most cases everything is fine and we can do almost nothing. No matter how much you write about a problem with a "stolen"
  11. By default, anyone with a rank moderator and above can delete a room. Show me the code in system/function.php. function canClearRoom() Also check that you have not changed the command name in system/ chat_command.php For version 3.6 just edit system/variable.php $cody['can_clear_room'] = 11;
  12. Please show with a photo what exactly?
  13. Anyone who has decided to trade in this section should know that the administration does not take responsibility for transactions made due to a misunderstanding in the language, a product that is not the same or something you did not like and you want your money back. All transactions made in this section are at your own risk.
  14. Will you stop posting 10 identical topics?
  15. Will you stop posting 10 identical topics?
  16. https://codychat.club/topic/362-option-for-paypal-again/
  17. Again, you can buy with PayPal, but this time manually. This means that anyone who wants to pay with PayPal needs to send the money to an email address; [email protected] and then write me a personal message here or send me an email to [email protected] with the transaction ID from PayPal and who for which addon.
  18. This error is not from my code, so check with yourself. Also this is only for 3.5-3.6
  19. Because in the last few months we had problems with PayPal - both me and other people and there were limits, temporarily suspend, and some of them permanently. For this reason, we decide to temporarily stop working with PayPal in this forum. They have many rules and require many things, depending on which country you live in and who owns this PayPal. Maybe in time PayPal will work here again, but I don't guarantee anything. Therefore, from today only a card will be accepted for payment and purchase of addons. None of your cards are stored here, so rest assured.
  20. Again, you can buy with PayPal. Enjoy.
  21. Anyone who has decided that they can try to make easy money from this forum - then he is wrong. If you decide to post in this forum, you must follow the following new rules, otherwise I will simply deactivate your account for three weeks and if you continue to NOT follow these rules, I will make this deactivation permanent. 1. If you have decided to write here, write comments with logic, that is, comments that can help others. 2. Stop posting photos from your chats just because you think your code is perfect. No it is not. 3. If you have dеcided to help, do it objectively. If you
  22. Edit in addons/gifts/system/addons_function.php

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