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  1. @Mehmet-TR I want the message next to the user name and not under user name
  2. @TheMentalistI do not want to work
  3. I want the message next to the name is not under the name @Mehmet-TR
  4. I want a smaller text in the conversation box in General..Also, make the speech next to the name not under the name.....Thanks
  5. How to change the publishing powers in the news

  6. I want to add a report under the word delete
  7. Please, I have added a new membership and I want to give it the same powers as the owner .. Help is possible

  8. 1- I want to add new memberships 2- Control of memberships in terms of characteristics of each member and control of VIP 3- Add the star list in the chat 4- Activate the points feature for members through chat 5- Activate the levels feature for members 6- Activating members' benefits and Bitcoin ........ Thank you

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