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  1. You did not answer the question you were asked twice. " Did you add new columns in boom_users? "
  2. Yeah, did you add new columns in boom_users?
  3. contact me on boomcoding i am trying today to install SN
  4. BetaBot


    only boomcoding store addons are default addons others are custom addon made by custom developers
  5. level coins addon chatting based with auto vip rank when reach level 50
  6. customize store addon contains avatars covers nick gif emojis user list tab color main chat background colors photo frames
  7. if its not installed kindly check folder you have done mistake there will be folder inside folder إذا لم يكن مثبتًا ، يرجى التحقق من المجلد الذي ارتكبت خطأً ، سيكون هناك مجلد داخل المجلد
  8. read instruction and do as i wrote there
  9. 103 downloads

    candy crush game addon leave your reviews enjoy inside zip folder you will see candycrush_game put that in addons folder and put install.php in ur main directory public html and open yourdomain.com/install.php داخل مجلد zip ، سترى candycrush_game وضع ذلك في مجلد addons ووضع install.php في الدليل الرئيسي html العام للدليل الخاص بك وافتح yourdomain.com/install.php
  10. i can add category for dj there in my existant addon
  11. in main.css search fmenu and add background:white; there it will be fixed for all themes which shows transparent admin panel section and change images link which are not replaced
  12. 44 downloads

    new year theme
  13. 77 downloads

    custom free login page unzip this zip folder in /control/login the go to >>>>>>>> admin panel >>>>>>>>> main setting >>> display option select login page
  14. Version 1.0.0

    custom login page amirkhanv7
    10.00 USD

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