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    I held off reviewing in case anything went wrong but so far, so good! This addon is pretty fun to use, though admittedly I did have to modify the files to fit my needs, but I cannot complain. Really good idea, thanks!
  1. Hello, If you are using Plesk to host one or more chat sites with any site which uses cookies, you might notice after some time that you see an access denied page. After speaking with developers, the issue is not with the software or your website. The issue is mod security. Switch it off or adjust your rules and the problem disappears. Just thought this could be helpful to some as it was to me! If you do not want to, or simply cannot change security settings, clearing cookies does the trick too.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Based off the Dark Theme and Halloween Theme comes Five Nights at Freddy’s! Any FNaF fans out there will more than likely love this theme! This themes is entirely free, feel free to modify this theme to your liking and please leave a comment, review and/or rating! Enjoy!
  3. O.o okay Idk where the accusations come from. All I wanna know is how it works. If anything this commotion makes me want it less. I was interested. nevermind...
  4. I know that haha, I’m just asking how it works want to know how it works before I get it
  5. So I’m intrigued, how’s this work?
  6. I used the scroll bar modification from the Halloween theme. Other than that, it was all experimental from one of my older themes from my old chat. Hope you like it I’m working on a dark theme
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A free christmas theme for all, created to encourage creativity - modify this theme as you wish! Alternatively, stick around for the dark theme coming soon. Note: This theme doesn't go well with darker colours in your chat. If this is an issue for you, please either modify the theme colours yourself or do not download this file. Simply upload this zip file to your css/themes folder, then extract. You can delete the zip folder after this is done and boom, you got a new theme. Thanks for taking a look hope you enjoy it! Please don't forget to leave a rating and I welcome any
    Visuals are *almost* perfect, this theme suits Halloween, the gradients are perfect, colours are fitting (including notifications). Honestly, only thing I’d change is the main text - needs some kind of background transparency or something so the messages are readable in all colours. Honestly, one of the best themes here.

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