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  1. in boomcoding chat u can see the same issue bro
  2. yes bro, there is the issue also in my localhost with clean install
  3. Hi all i dont know if this is happend to all, that is why i decided to share this issue with all, 1. i have the wall post delete set to "off". And my question is, if i have set this to off, why the post upload are deleted after 6 days? I have tested on localhost also, and i found the same issue., please anyone here tell me if have the same issue?
  4. Hi all, for all people who have some issue installing my addons, i will tell u a few reasons about this: 1.When u put they key and got "invalid key" as reponse: The possible issues are: - U dont have a valid key. - U are using some kind of firewall and your server has no acces to my server. - U uploaded the files as root, and the webserver has no access to them - Permissions problem 2. When u click on install button, stay in "installing" and do nothing else: - Check file permission - U uploaded the files as root
  5. Hello there
    Is there a payment with the money system mobile

  6. https://codychataddons.com/ WARNING!!!!!!!! This website is from scammers, be aware !!!
  7. the word filter would be great if you could customize it separately, for the rooms and for the private ones, for example, if I want to block bad words only in the room, but I want to allow them in private, that's what I mean, there are many places where bad words are banned in the room, but privately people use bad words, the idea is to have the word filter separately,
  8. I think that the function of reporting private messages is not really necessary, if someone bothers you or sends you an unsolicited message, you simply block it and solve the problem, what I do recommend is the option of reporting a user.
  9. Thank you for all you have provided

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