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    You missed a lot of steps there when creating this, buddy. Better luck next time.
  1. Hello Boom! When you move forward with developing the next update, I have a suggestion for the report feature (which I am so glad you added!) Can you please implement in the system logs when a user reports another user, that it appears in the system logs as well as the staff in which deals with the report. So when I go into the system logs and see "User John Doe reported User Simpleton for Inappropriate Content" Then following should say "FRIDAY opened the report and the following action took place for user Simpleton" If you need some more clarification, I would do my best to
    If you're looking for a very fast, reliable and fair priced self-managed or managed VPS! Please go with DreamHost. It works flawlessly with CodyChat software, it also is compatible with CLOUDFLARE as its important to protect your website. Follow the SAFE url to find out more about the awesome discounts going on!  

    Website Logo

    Come to my chat, I would love your design help for the logo!!! I have a few ideas in my mind and would love to pay you for your awesome work! Please and thank you! (When you have time that is)
  4. Worth the wait. Please feel better soon!! Take care.

    Voice Channel

    I was thinking that I could make a "group call" or "video call" room on my website. Then people don't have to leave just to use Zoom/Discord.

    Voice Channel

    Can we add voice channel options or voice chatting like zoom/discord? A few of the users on my chat have been leaving the website to hang out on zoom calls. I feel if this feature was available to the other chats, it could bring in some more user and help retain them? If this feature/function already exists then please disregard.
  7. Will give this a try on my website and let you know what the users think about it! As always, thank you!
  8. My users are wondering if you have this in a dark mode as well! If you do, I'd like it as well! THANK YOU!!
    It was easy to install, and worked beautifully on my chat. The users of my chat were very impressed with it! Thank you!
  9. Thank you for this freebie!! I will download it and do a review!
  10. Hello A few of the registered users on my website have forwarded a few suggestions. I am unsure if these are already in place and I haven't been able to locate or if they do not exist. 1. Group PM options (private group chat)#1 thing users keep asking for 2. PM reporting feature (if this does exist I don't know how to install it on my chat and would like to asap.) 3. Custom text fonts for talking the chat- change your font type i.e calibri, verdana, arial narrow etc. (I posted a picture below) 4. More common mini-games such as pac-man, simple tetris, cards ag

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