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Suggestion for translations


Hello, I'm managing my own translation, a fork of Croatian language that's passed to Bosnian dialect. 
Problem is when Codychat updates, I need to search for new strings in Croatian language folder. 
Can you please with the next update, if you add new words to language file just write the lines what should we include in existing (own) translation?

Thanks @Boomcoding! ❤️

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Thanks, this should be included in new folder of every update so we can maintain our own language files. I can't translate 1000 times when update comes. I want to add and translate just new things.

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Each new language is released with a translation request at https://boomcoding.com/store/ and for several days the news was active there

Please don't ask me to solve a problems in PM here. If you have a problem, please post a topic in the forum to solve it, which will help other people.

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