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New rule when commenting on topics

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Anyone who has decided that they can try to make easy money from this forum - then he is wrong.

If you decide to post in this forum, you must follow the following new rules, otherwise I will simply deactivate your account for three weeks and if you continue to NOT follow these rules, I will make this deactivation permanent.

1. If you have decided to write here, write comments with logic, that is, comments that can help others.
2. Stop posting photos from your chats just because you think your code is perfect. No it is not.
3. If you have dеcided to help, do it objectively. If you do not know how to help, then do not write at all.

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Please don't ask me to solve a problems in PM here. If you have a problem, please post a topic in the forum to solve it, which will help other people.

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