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Be careful of that store! I have informed the authorities and the services about the piracy.

Until the closing of this website, be aware that if you bought or you are using something that it's uploaded by the scammers, you are complicit in the illegality and accuse of abuse of National Intellectual Property Rights Policy, 2016.

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JOOJ Store: https://www.j00j.ml/

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If you continue to purchase something and select paypal to pay, on checkout you will see the name of the scammer(S Barath Kumar).



He is the owner of https://tamilchatcafe.com/


(Now he disabled the registrations)

And after talking with him, I have been banned for both of his sites (https://codychataddons.com/ and https://tamilchatcafe.com/)



He says that he is not the owner of https://codychataddons.com/ and he helps a friend that paypal is not acceptable in his country.

JOOJ Store: https://www.j00j.ml/

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