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Voice Channel


Can we add voice channel options or voice chatting like zoom/discord? A few of the users on my chat have been leaving the website to hang out on zoom calls. I feel if this feature was available to the other chats, it could bring in some more user and help retain them? If this feature/function already exists then please disregard. 

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The problem with this is it could use up your servers resources if you’re self hosting a voice channel /video channel the data being sent  And received will cause massive lag unless you have a very very stable server

the thing with the platform sancho mentioned is it uses an external api 

and is externally hosted so no drag on your server etc and everything runs smooth voice and cam is clear and I was streaming in 4K when we tested 

for now this function is only available on pc to use but on mobile it is telling us to download an app

amir is working on this issue to make it fully functioning 

So pleaseee wait 


in the mean time amir does have another webcam addon but I’m not sure how that one works

best to get incontact with him



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Without a doubt 

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